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WellaPlex Step 1 Bond Maker 500ml
WellaPlex Step 1 Bond Maker 500ml
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WellaPlex Step 1 Bond Maker 500ml

Colour EnhancersWella Plex500 ML

About the product

Looking for stronger hair? WellaPlex is the ultimate way to strengthen compromised hair OR prevent damage during a colouring or lightening process. The hair naturally contains bonds which are formed from natural amino acids these contribute to the hairs strength, during day to day wear and tear or colouring and lightening processes these bonds can be comprimised. Wellaplex Step 1 will help to re build these bonds using an amino acid formula it can be used as a stand alone treatment to repair sensitised hair or within a colouring, lightening or perming process to prevent damage. Use with Step 2 for 97% less breakage.


Features and Benefits 1

Helps reduce hair damage and creates bonds within the hair while lightening or colouring

About the brand

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