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Unleash your creativity this Halloween with our extensive
colour portfolio.

Mysterious Magenta

Colour Formula
Roots: Koleston Perfect Vibrant Reds 66/46 20g +
Vibrant Reds 55/65 10g + Special Mix 0/44 2g +
Special Mix 0/65 2g
Ends: Freelights + Welloxon Perfect
Developer 9%
Toner: Color Fresh Create: High Magenta

Styling and care:

Oil Reflections + EIMI Thermal Image + EIMI
Sugar Lift + Nutri Enrich Shampoo + Post Color
Service Conditioner

Originally created by

Boo-tiful Blue

Colour Formula
Color Fresh Mask: Pearl Blonde + Blue + Mint

Styling :

System Professional Luxe Oil + EIMI Mistify Me Light + EIMI Glam Mist

Originally created by

Creeping It Real Curls

Colour Formula
Magma /65 and /44 in foils then toned with Color
Vibrant Reds 55/65 1
Pastel 1.9% Developer

Styling :Nutricurls Curlixir Balm

Originally created by

Ghostly Green

Colour Formula
Color Fresh Create: Neverseen Green

Styling :EIMI Glam Mist

Originally created by

Green With Envy

Colour Formula
Blondor + Welloxon Perfect Developer 6%
Color Fresh Create: Super Petrol + Neverseen
Green (1:2)

Styling :EIMI Mistify Me Strong

Originally created by

Flaming Red

Colour Formula
Color Fresh Create: Next Red
Care: INVIGO Colour Service Post-Color

Styling :EIMI Glam Mist

Originally created by

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